Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Precipice EP
2.Blue Flame
3.Earth Turtles

Well it's my birthday today, but I decided to give you a gift instead of me getting one. I'm giving out my new EP Precipice for free.

I decided to do this EP because I was working on a new sound for my music, but it was going to be along time before I actually finished the full length so I decided to do a couple more songs specially for an EP to be released as a sort of precursor to the full length which is called Mountain Range which should come out some time next year. The sound on this album is a little bit more aggressive and straight forward then the stuff that's going to be on Mountain Range. It's kind of a perfect transition from the stuff I've been doing to the stuff I'm working on now (even though I didn't really mean it to be that way).

I was really influenced by a couple things while working on this EP. Most notably the musical stylings that appear on the new 65daysofstatic album, and the new Fuck Buttons Albums. That really heavy rhythmic sound with perfect synthisization. Another thing that really got me going on this album was I started to listened to a lot of 8-bit artists, particularily the band Starscream. Even though it may not jump out at you I tried to throw a little bit-y-ness into each song. And Lastly I started to really work with sampling, I used it mostly for vocals (because I can't really sing), but the good ole Lion, Roar! also helped me out on the song Architeuthis.

If you're still on the fence you can stream the song Earth Turtles over at my soundcloud:

Earth Turtles by Wolves Of Saint August

Status: Official EP
Artwork: Photography: Tim Walker, Design & Layout: Glen Walker
Duration: 18:38
Inspiration: 65daysofstatic, Fuck Buttons, Holy Fuck, Starscream, Anamanaguchi, Gold Panda, Animal Collective, Gorillaz, Daft Punk and Butterfly Bones

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